What Are Your Health Needs?

Find health care resources for women's health at LivWell Healthcare

Nothing is more important than your health. That's why we strive to provide comprehensive family planning services and low-cost birth control options at LivWell Healthcare If you're uninsured or underinsured, you are still welcome. We offer free and low-cost services to ensure your health care needs are met.

Whether pregnancy is a concern or not, your health still matters. Stop by our women's health clinic in Toms River, NJ for a variety of services, including:

  • Preventive health evaluations
  • Pelvic and breast exams
  • Pap smears 
  • Pregnancy testing (free for new patients)
  • Anemia screening
  • Blood pressure screening
  • UTI and STI screening and treatment
  • Yeast infection treatment
  • Bacterial vaginosis treatment
  • HIV screenings
  • HPV Vaccine (Gardasil 9)
  • Colposcopy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Birth Control (please see birth control)

Stay protected with proper birth control

Birth control is beneficial for many reasons. When you want to prevent pregnancy, you can discuss different low-cost birth control options at our clinic and decide what's best for you.

Our staff is trained to provide extensive knowledge on different methods to help you make an informed decision. When you are protected with birth control, you could also benefit from:

  • A regulated, less painful period
  • Minimal hormonal acne
  • Reduced PMS symptoms
  • Fewer chances of ovarian cysts

*LivWell Healthcare is often the recipient of grants. These grants cover specific services for a predetermined amount of time. Please ask if the service that you are looking for is covered under a grant or promotion or if you qualify for free services. Please note that if you are uninsured and don’t qualify for a grant or promotion, our fees are on a sliding scale based on income.