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At Family Planning Center of Ocean County, our goal is to improve the overall health of our local community. Since 1971, we have been helping men, women and teens at our reproductive health center in Lakewood, NJ. When you need Family Planning Assistance, you can rely on us for confidential, safe health care services, regardless of whether you have insurance. We also provide education and helpful health resources for residents of Ocean County and surrounding areas.

Whether you want to explore birth control options or you need STI testing, you will always be met with a welcoming staff who is eager to help you at the Family Planning Center. Most of our staff is bilingual.  

Don't neglect your health. Visit our Family Planning Center in Lakewood, NJ today.

Reclaim Your Health at a Family Planning Center in Lakewood, NJ

Learn about our health care services for men, women and adolescents

Are you in need of family planning resources or other health care services? If you're searching for a reproductive health center in Lakewood, NJ or the surrounding Ocean County area, look no further than Family Planning Center of Ocean County, Inc.

As a not-for-profit Family Planning Center, we strive to provide education and services that will help you live a happier, healthier life. Your reproductive health is very important and should be taken seriously.
When you don't have the knowledge or resources to give yourself or a loved one the proper health care they need, you can rely on our caring staff for various family planning services.

Contact us today to learn more about the affordable and free services we offer at our Family Planning Center in Lakewood, NJ.

How can we help

Family Planning Center of Ocean County provides a variety of cost-effective Family Planning Services to meet your needs. Our Family Planning Services include:

Free pregnancy tests for teens and new patients

Health screenings and treatment

Male and female reproductive exams

Health education and referral resources

STI testing and treatment

Birth control resources and education

If you're not sure what your specific health care needs are, call 732-364-9696 now to schedule an appointment.
You can also drop by our clinic for a walk-in appointment.

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